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Cookies Policy

Eastern Technical Engineering Public Company Limited Group has created the Cookies Policy to use as the guidelines to manage personal data obtained from cookies, whereas information of the website visitors via will be collected. This Policy will explain definition, function, objective including how to manage cookies, such as erasure or rejection of cookies for privacy of the website’s users, with details as follows:

1) What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files downloaded onto computers or mobile devices of the website visitors to store various information and settings, such as, store language preference settings on your device and your current access status, so that you can access the websites and/or applications uninterrupted. Cookies also collect information on history of visited websites of your preference in the form of file. In general, cookies do not pose a danger to your device and content in the cookies may only be viewed or read via websites which created them.

2) How We Use Cookies

When you visit the website, information relevant to your visit will be stored in the form of cookies. The Company will collect information on website visits from all visitors through cookies or similar technologies and the Company will use cookies for benefits on development of efficiency on accessible to the Company’s services via internet as well as development of efficiency on usage of the Company’s services via internet to enhance your experiences and satisfaction. Website usage behavior of the Data Subject of Personal Data will be studied to develop the Company’s digital services to make them more user-friendly, speedily and efficiency.

3) Benefits of Cookies

Cookies will inform us which section of our website or application has been visited by the user, so that we can better offer experience on the use of website and application consistently with your need. Cookies can remember you and important information which can ease conveniency for usage of our website, for instance, remember setting of websites’ visitors. Using cookies to record the initial settings of the website will allow you to access the website with such initially determined settings on every occasion of use except where cookies are deleted, which in this case, all settings will be restored to the default settings.


4) Type of Cookies Used by the Company

The Company uses the following cookies for the Company’s website:

4.1) Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are necessary for providing the website’s services of the Group of Companies, as they can make you use any sections of the website, as well as remember information you once provided via the website. Disabling usage of these Cookies will make you unable to access to essence of services of the Group which are required to use these Cookies.
4.2) Performance Cookies. These cookies help the Group to see the users’ interaction on usage of our Group’s websites, including, pages or any popular areas of website as well as analyze other aspects of the Group’s information. The Group also uses this information to improve the work of the website and to understand behavior of the users. However, information collected by these cookies are unidentified and
they can be used for statistical analysis only. Disabling usage of these cookies will make the Group unable to measure traffic volume of the website users and unable to assess quality of the services.
4.3) Functional Cookies: These cookies help the Group to remember options set by you and help the website to provide additional features and contents which can match your usage, for instance, remember your account name or remember the change on font sizes settings or pages settings which you can adjust. Disabling usage of these cookies will make the website unable to function at its fullest capacity.

5) How We Manage Cookies

Website visitors can set their browser to disable some or all types of the Company’s cookies. However, please note that if you set your browser to block all cookies (including Strictly Necessary Cookies), you may not be able to access to all or certain parts of our website.

6) Amendment of this Policy

The Company will update this Cookies Policy at least once a year to make it conform to the changes of the Company or the requirements of the applicable laws.


This policy has been approved by resolution of the Company’s Board of Directors Meeting
No. 4/2022 on August 10, 2022


Mr. Raivin Lekavorranan
Chief Executive Officer
Eastern Technical Engineering Public Company Limited

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