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Eastern Technical Engineering Public Company Limited was incorporated in 1997 at Surat Thani, by Mr. Raivin Lekavorranan with an registered capital of 2 million baht.

ETE engages in businesses related to Management Services Business, Engineering Services Business and Solar Energy Business and Trading Business (procurement and distribution of safety-related equipment). Due to quality services provided, the Company has always been trusted by the customers. Presently the Company has converted to a public company limited and the registered capital has increased to 280 million Baht

Core Values

the main behavior that reflects the desired behavior of the organization, is clear and practical in daily work Consistency in conducting our core behaviors forms a prominent part of our corporate culture.







About ETE

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During 2023, despite the COVID-19 pandemic situations in Thailand and all over the world could be controlled that businesses and activities have fully resumed, but it could not be clearly confirmed that the world will not encounter the outbreak of dangerous and uncontrollable new variants of the virus once again in the future. Therefore, the Company adheres to conducting business on the basis of earnestness against risks from unforeseen circumstances to minimize impact that may affect the Company's business operations. In addition, 2023 has been a very challenging year due to the volatile situations in various aspects that have happened almost at the same period, from Thai political problems affecting the domestic economy, global politics turning the global economy disorderly, the prolonged crisis of war and conflicts in many countries widely affected the global economy and led to contraction of the global economic growth rate.

Message from the Chairman



Be the leader on transformation to digital innovation to respond to the variety of customer requirements, and be prepared for driving business operations for sustainable growth.

Grow your business to generate returns for your stakeholders under good governance

​Focus on providing quality service and create maximum customer satisfaction Ready to seek opportunities and new alternatives to expand the business.

​Develop information technology systems to enhance business services and increase management efficiency within the organization.

​Building stability in the quality of life of personnel and continually support the development of personnel capabilities in response to business changes.


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