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Elecommunication Engineering System 

At present, the expansion of the transmission tower network covers almost every area. This causes the growth rate of telecommunication network expansion to slow down. But on the other hand, the demand for mobile data usage is increasing, causing service providers to invest in modern network equipment. to expand the network in the service area to cover all areas throughout Thailand The Company saw growth opportunities in the telecommunication engineering business. that continues to develop and expand continuously.

our service

services including the installation of electrical systems of telecommunication stations installation of telecommunication towers and receive additional work from continually expanding the network or replacing new equipment. Including the installation of solar panels for base station of a mobile operator for telecommunication engineering services Can be divided according to the nature of the service into 3 types as follows

Services in surveying, designing, and procuring materials and equipment install telecommunication towers

Installation of communication network equipment and installation of fiber optic cables

Design and installation of underground communication conduit systems and manholes

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