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The company provides a full range of customer personnel management services in various occupations. The form of service is an outsourcing contract in the form of a human resource department (Human Resource Department) responsible for managing personnel in the work that customers need. There is also a coordinating team to take care of customers regarding the work of such employees throughout the contract period. Including paying compensation and welfare to employees according to the labor law and according to the contract specified by the customer.

our service

Personnel Management Service It is a service for sending employees to work with customers according to the conditions specified by the customer. The company will provide services like a human resources department. cover duty In addition to reducing the burden of managing the personnel of the customer. It also helps to increase work efficiency for full-time employees  and control budget as well.

Providing quality employees according to customer needs

prepare work equipment and summarize reports to customers throughout the contract

There is a team to coordinate care throughout the contract.

Pay wages and welfare to employees as required by law. and the employment contract

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