Trading Business (Distribution of Services and Products)


Pumps and Solar Pumps System Distribution Business

This business is operated under ETA Aqua Co., Ltd. (ETA Aqua). ETA Aqua engages in the integrated

businesses of distribution, installation and after-sales services of products and equipment related to pumps and solar pumps.


The Company is the dealer of many leading international brands and manufacturers of pumps and solar

pumps, i.e., Nastec, Caprari, Steca, and etc. Such pumps and solar pumps shall be procured by placing

orders via the manufacturing companies located overseas.



General Equipment Procurement and Distribution Business

This business is operated by Glow Trading and Service Co., Ltd. (GTS). GTS engages in business of

distribution of all kinds of safety equipment with intention to provide procurement and distribution business of good quality products to the customers in the public and private sectors.

The products and equipment conforming to international standards shall be imported from the manufacturing countries to suitably respond to the different requirements of the customers.