Message from the Chairman

The Eastern Technical Engineering Public Company Limited has operated for 18 years as of 2015, which was a year of big improvement for the company. The overall business of the company is in the infrastructure industry, and the business conforms to the strategies and policies of developing countries such as Thailand. It is a good opportunity for business growth now and in the future.

However in 2016, the company focuses on sustainable growth strategies under the vision “Burapha is determined to create value-adding business opportunities, to build maximum sustainability of all involved parties”. It is the company’s challenge to expand the business operations for both existing and new businesses. In addition to business expansion, the company also focuses on social and community responsibility, and is involved in activities that are under good governance and business management guidance.

In order to make all the involved parties confident in our performance for the year 2016, the company focuses on mission, including 4 aspects which are business expansion, customer retention, human resources, and business operation under good governance.

All the successes of the company in 2015 was supported by all the parties that have enabled the company to operate efficiently. In the name of “The Eastern Technical Engineering Public Company Limited” committee, I would like to thank all the shareholders and customers who have shown great support, support from business and financial alliances, government and private agencies, and also the dedicated managers and staffs who work relentlessly under the vision, mission, and culture in order to drive the business steadily. Everyone can be ensured that the company is committed to operating the business efficiently under good governance for sustainable growth.

Ph.D. Pongsak Semson
Eastern Technical Engineering Public Company Limited