The severity of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic which intensified since 2020 made the world and Thailand have to face many new challenges in various aspects. Every country, every business and entrepreneurs of all sectors had to adjust their perception, scrutinize, learn and adapt themselves with the COVID-19 pandemic situations with the aims of overcome challenges and moving forward to the new changes which have never happened before.

In 2021, Eastern Technical Engineering Public Company Limited and the Eastern Group still encountered challenges from the changes in various dimensions under the crisis situations caused by COVID-19 outbreak situations which widely spread and extensively impacted broader areas throughout the world including Thailand. In addition, as it cannot predict that when this pandemic will come to an end, it unavoidably causes difficulty to livelihood, society, community, economy including all business sectors. Nonetheless, the COVID-19 pandemic was regarded as experience and it taught us a lot on adjustment and preparation ourselves to handle any uncertainty which may occur in the future.

With regard to overall business operations of the Company in the past year, even though main revenues of some businesses of the Eastern Group were still continually impacted since the year 2020 but they were only indirectly and they did not significantly affect overall operating results of the Eastern Group. However, the Company took precautionary measures and closely monitored the economic situations which brought about the challenges for adaptation to the changes and the potential development of the Company. The Board of Directors and the management of the Company are well aware about the need for adjustment to minimize impacts from the crisis. The Company implemented measures to strictly control costs and expenses in every way as well as formulated business operation directions and strategies to comprehensively cover various dimensions to prepare readiness for the upcoming economic recovery, as well as to seek for new channels for expansion of new businesses which have better potential growth to sustainably enhance stability and strength of the business in the long term

Apart from the operating results, other matters that the Board of Directors and the Management always place importance to are safety and healthcare of the employees. The Company has coordinated and arranged to make all employees receive 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines speedily and on timely manner. Efficient working methods had been adjusted in line with the suitable cost management. The Company also donated money, necessary equipment and supplies to many hospitals, provided lunch and donated supplies to the disabilities. “ETE Pun Namjai Tan Pai COVID-19” or “ETE Compassion Sharing to Fight Against COVID-19” project had been arranged to make all executives and employees take part in mitigating suffering of the people who were affected from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lastly, the Company always recognizes that good governance is indeed an important foundation to pave the way to attainment to sustainability, so it fosters accountability, transparency and governance principles to all employees to ensure that when the Company grows various business in the future, it can generate good operating results for years to come and returns to all stakeholder groups on sustainable basis.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Eastern Technical Engineering Public Company Limited and the Eastern Group, I would like to express gratitude to the shareholders, business alliance, trade partners and all customers for continued and strong support to the Company, including the Company’s management and employees for their collaboration in driving the Company forward pursuant to the Company’s mission and business plans amidst this testing time. Please rest assured that the Company will still determine and devote to operate business under ethical and good corporate governance principles steadily and sustainably.

Pongsak Semson, Ph.D,
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Eastern Technical Engineering Public Company Limited